Chinese dolls, Asian Dolls. Chinese baby doll, Chinese girl doll and Chinese passport doll ready to travel, all with distinctive Chinese faces and features and wearing authentic, traditional Chinese costumes or dress, some with sampan bamboo hats, are suitable and safe for kids of all ages from toddlers up. Say "ni hao" (means How are you?) to introduce yourself to friends from abroad and expand your family's horizons. Smiles as wide as these never fail to charm as proven by thousands of customers over the years at Amazing Grace. The selection of Chinese dolls is complemented by Asian ethnic dolls and matching sets of purse, backpack or key doll dangles, representative of national minorities in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Dressed in colorful native costumes and jewelry, they have painted porcelain faces and movable arms and legs. Our Chinese teddy bears, dressed in panda, dragon, floral and Chinese children designs, make great companions for the Asian dolls collection.