When laughter is the language, communication is 'may yo wen tee', Chinese for 'no problem'. Chinese baby dolls require no translator; both speech and comprehension come with 'may yo wen tee' guarantees. Free shipping.

Sweet Traditional Chinese Baby Dolls

Invest in these stunning little boys and girls in classic dress from Amazing Grace Elephant Company. With porcelain skin and chubby cheeks framed by straight ink black hair, it's difficult to resist these gorgeous Chinese dolls. Dressed in a traditional Chinese suit in rich embroidered silk and finished with an elegant mandarin collar, these dolls look like they have stepped straight out of a painting from the Ming era. Our gorgeous range of dolls are also available in the classic western baby doll costume of a colorful lace dress and pantaloons, as well as the traditional black and white kung fu uniform. These elegant dolls are made from durable, child safe materials and are therefore suitable for playing as well as collecting. Buying your child one of these lovely Chinese dolls is a fantastic way to introduce them to geography and different cultures from around the world.

A Short History of the Baby Doll

Until the 1850s, Children played with dolls which were replicas of adults known as companion dolls. These toys were somewhat delicate and designed to be looked at and posed rather than cuddled. A baby doll is for an entirely different kind of imaginative play; to be cuddled and nursed as if it were an infant. Our products are ideal for this kind of play as they are made with a foam body and soft moveable limbs.

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