What is this thing called love?

You don't have to be a missionary or seafarer to discover love in the Orient or the beauty of Amazing Grace. You can be a reporter working in Hong Kong for NBC News who meets an amazing girl called Grace. Then, if you're crazy, you get married and start a business importing ceramic elephants from Vietnam. Hence the unique name of our company which a lot of people ask about and a few have copied.

Before you know, you've got nine or ten stores, bank debt and lots of headaches. But stupidly or otherwise, you believe in the virtues of hard work and perseverance. Besides, going around Asia and the sub-continent finding stuff is lots of fun.

Can I be honest? Should I complain about problems with the heat, crowds, traffic, hotels, suppliers, etc.? What about shipping delays due to week-long cremation ceremonies in Bali or because the peasants are out harvesting ground nuts in Thailand? All these things certainly make the job challenging.

Somehow though, after nearly 45 years of sourcing in these parts, we've learned to adjust our needs and expectations to the demands and pace of native cultures and traditions. And thanks to Grace, our staff, partners Cindy Chau and Charles Monat we've enabled people all over the world to share the results of our discoveries while keeping our landlords solvent.

We like to think, and I believe its true, that buying from us is a good idea. You get the merchandise without paying the added costs of importers and other middlemen. The thousands of customers who have visited our stores in Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport over the past twelve years, thanks to our partnership with one of the world's biggest duty free operators, and those of you who visit this online store can't all be wrong.

Amazing Grace with Bob Green
'Amazing' Grace Green with Bob Green


'A favorite with residents.'
~ Fodors Southeast Asia Guide

'Just about anything you could ever need for that unusual gift or decorator item.'
~ H.K. Shopping Guide to Home Decorating

'Delightful assortment of Asian crafts ... a rare find.'
~ San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

'Home accessories from Asian countries that include wood or porcelain elephants, brass bracelets, bowls . . . handbags, beads, basketry, objets d'art.'
~ Los Angeles Times feature 'How to Get Best Buys When Traveling Abroad'

'Some favorite things [in Hong Kong] - shopping at Ocean Terminal (especially Amazing Grace)'

~ Chicago Tribune