Patience Shirt, black

Patience Shirt, black

Patience Shirt, black

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Has large Chinese character meaning 'to endure, be patient' followed by message that reads (figuratively): 'Endure, be patient for awhile; the sea is calm and unruffled; step back and think things over; the oceans are broad and the skies boundless.' The following four characters in red read: 'The road ahead looks bright'. Aphorisms like this, often by famous writers or poets, are well-known to many Chinese and appreciated not only as astute observations but also for their calligraphic style. The red seals identify the author and calligrapher, usually not the same person.

  • Unisex, free and easy Patience Shirt, black with Japanese calligraphy design in red and white
  • A study in comfortable wear.
  • Generously proportioned rayon top, 30 inches long and 42 inches at chest hangs loose for hanging out.
  • Tuck in or out with jeans, slacks, shorts or swimwear.
  • One size fits almost everyone.
  • Pre-washed to ensure minimal shrinkage, machine-washable.
  • We suggest hang drying to keep your colors richer for longer.

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