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Just an old country boy, come into town. Wife said I needed a job and lookin’ around. Thought I’d like to drive a truck . . a Big Mack . . . fancy boots, and flirtin’ with the women too. Boss man said you’re big and stout, look kinda dumb but I’ll try you out. Handed me a stack of bills and I ain’t joking, said “wind ‘er up and keep ‘er smokin’.” (Truck Driver songs from album of same name.) I’ve been trying to do the same, for over 40 years now in Hong Kong.

Protect Lugard Road

Dear Friends, I’m fighting with a group of friends to help preserve something we dearly love, the path that circles the mountain rising over the central part of our busy city, Lugard Road on the iconic Victoria Peak — an oasis of tranquility and refuge from noise and pollution enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of […]

A Walk on Victoria Peak

Of the millions yearly who visit Hong Kong’s most popular attraction, Victoria Peak, only a small fraction take the hour or so to experience one of the City’s least expensive (meaning free) and biggest delights, the walk that circles the Peak. As a resident on that road for nearly 40 years, allow me, if you […]