Happy Customers

It’s always great to hear from happy customers, few happier than a lady in Fairfax, Virginia, whose purchase led to a memorable evening, a story we thought worth sharing.

Dear Mr. Green,

Thank you for the chopsticks  ordered. They just arrived today, a belated Christmas present for a friend of mine. We went out for sushi here in Virginia, and he opened the gift at the restaurant. He was overwhelmed by the beauty of the chopsticks, plus he’s a Pisces so the fish motif went over well. We decided to actually use the chopsticks in the restaurant (all the Asian restaurants we go to have the cheap wood ones you break apart). And then suddenly one of the Asian owners came by our table, and said, “Excuse me, but one of our patrons asked us why you two have the good chopsticks and they don’t,  so I had to find out where you get them.” And that was just the beginning, pretty soon all the other restaurant workers stopped by our table to admire them, and other patrons were looking over at our table. We felt like celebrities thanks to your beautiful chopsticks. I was nervous about ordering over the internet from Hong Kong, but your family story on your Web site made me feel at ease, and the quality of my order is incredible. My friend (normally a very macho guy) was almost in tears and couldn’t thank me enough for the special gift. Now I think I’m going to get the chopstick rests monogrammed for his birthday in February. Thank you for processing my order so quickly and for making this a very memorable day in my life!

All the best,

Carolyn H.

Protect Lugard Road

Dear Friends,

I’m fighting with a group of friends to help preserve something we dearly love, the path that circles the mountain rising over the central part of our busy city, Lugard Road on the iconic Victoria Peak — an oasis of tranquility and refuge from noise and pollution enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors every year.  Developers have applied to build a hotel which will bring cars and service vehicles into the restricted, narrow road which we believe will cause pollution, disrupt the peaceful atmosphere and endanger walkers and the disabled.

When the full effect of this development is felt and the train of traffic is such from vehicles for construction, repair, support staff, suppliers, hotel guests, etc. that walkers and tourists turn away, as they will, the ignominy and shame of those responsible will be as a blight on Hong Kong’s reputation that all of us must bear. For an idea of what’s at stake, read the following post I originally wrote three years ago entitled “A Walk on Victoria Peak” but just as valid today. There isn’t much time to act but if you’d like to help stop the construction, please email Hong Kong’s Town Planning Board to voice your objections.